Our Services

Bay Shore Services, Inc. offers a variety of services and programs to meet changing needs. Participation in our programs is limited to people who meet the eligibility requirements.

Dental Services

Offers affordable dental care to eligible children and adults.

Emergency Response Monitors

Summons emergency help by pushing a button.

Information and Referral

Assists people to obtain information about disability programs, issues, and resources.

In Home Care Services

Assists eligible individuals with activities of daily living.

Nursing Services

Provides physical assessments, health case management, health counseling, staff training, and nurse monitoring to eligible people.

Respite Services

Offers residential or in-home care to give caregivers a rest.

Vocational Services

Offers Vocational Service activities to engage and enrich eligible participants

Residential Services

Provides residential support services to address the strengths, abilities, and needs of each individual.